• Reasonable and Customary Appraisal Fees

    Valuation Management Group is a national appraisal management company that has always paid appraisers on a cost-plus model. Vicky Thompson, the founder of VMG, is an appraiser herself and believes in a timely and fair fee for appraisers.

    Many appraisal management companies charge the financial institution an appraisal fee and then proceed to find the cheapest appraiser. Many times the cheapest fee results in substandard appraisals.  Read More

  • Tips for Commercial and Residential Appraisal Reviews

    Valuation Management Group is pleased that commercial and residential lending are increasing. With this good news we want to remind lenders to establish and maintain policies on appraisal review that ensure compliance. VMG’s related blog can be found here.

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Taking the Appraisal Process from Ordinary to Extraordinary!

Valuation Management Group (VMG) was established in 2006 to offer outsourcing opportunities for appraisal independence and compliant, quality appraisal reviews. As an appraisal management company, VMG offers a turnkey approach to the appraisal process from inception to final completion. Valuation Management Group is committed to providing a process through which clients receive an appraised value determined by trained professionals who utilize independent judgment and expertise.

Valuation Management Group’s primary mission is to institute an environment where true appraiser independence and quality commercial and residential appraisals can be obtained.”

What can VMG do for you?

VMG was established as a nationwide real estate appraisal management company to assist community banks, credit unions and mortgage bankers in maintaining compliance, with regulatory guidance on appraiser independence and robust reviews, and with little or no cost to the institution.

Appraisal Compliance

Valuation Management Group is at the forefront of appraisal regulatory compliance guidance including Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines, Dodd Frank, UMDP, USPAP, UCDP, UAD and Federal & State Appraisal Independence Laws. read more