4 Ways to Make Your Company Extraordinary

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Everyone has a story.

Sometimes we forget that piece of information when we’re doing business. We see people for the words and actions that relate to us or our business directly, but that’s only a fraction of their life.

As March 1st is Employee Appreciation Day, Valuation Management Group spent the morning enjoying breakfast at the Georgian Club, and listening to a very insightful presentation by Chick-fil-A’s own David Salyers, Vice President of National & Regional Marketing.

He relayed Chick-fil-A’s “Be Remarkable” mission, and shared with us how businesses can be remarkable in their own way to make an improvement in their business activity and their values.

Four main points surfaced.

1. Find the story.

This point came full circle in David’s presentation: Everyone has a story.

It is easy to take someone through the “process” without considering their personal history or lifestyle.

We as the provider can make someone’s day a little better, not necessarily by finding out about our customer’s background, but by acknowledging the joys and trials of life outside of this business dealing.

David shared with us the following Chick-fil-A video, “Every Person Has a Story,” embodying the company’s efforts to think twice about the people around you.

 2. Build Relationships

Rather than seeing every person as a transaction, it is important to establish relationships with your customers and clients.

With each transaction being a relationship, you must think: Am I giving this person more reason to love our company?

Are your employees’ actions proving that they are on a mission to better the company and its relationships, or are they just serving the cookie cutter information they were provided? It is important for employees, and especially executives, to be willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, and to have a moral radar that will lead them to make a difference in the company for the better.

This goes beyond politely doing what the customer or client has asked. If you’ve ever dealt with a customer service department, you know there is a difference in politely assisting the customer, and fully taking care of the problem.

This mission is to build your relationships and your credibility, so that your business means more than a sale to the people you interact with on a daily basis.

3. Create Value

How better to build relationships than to make your customers and clients feel valued?

Giving them more than they bargained for adds a touch of kindness, thoughtfulness, and respect.

If you continue to provide value for your clients and customers, what they pay will never be an issue. What they get should remain greater than what they pay, giving them a sense of the product’s or service’s worth.

Creating worth doesn’t mean giving on price, either. Sometimes it is easier to sell a product or service at full price with added quality and value than it is to sell it at a discounted price.

4. Be on a Mission

Your company must not just have a mission statement, it must be on a mission.

To accomplish the prior three tasks, employees and executives must go above and beyond in order to take the business from average to extraordinary.

Anyone can repeat a mission statement, but it takes true leaders and some creativity to reflect the mission in your business.

It’s time we look less at creating mission statements focused on operational goals, and form our mission statements based on how we want our product, service, employees, and investors to project the company.

Valuation Management Group is on a mission to take the appraisal process from ordinary to extraordinary.

How can you improve your business to be extraordinary instead of average?


For a gist of the message we heard on Employee Appreciation Day, this video shares some of Chick-fil-A’s remarkable tactics and a great message from David Salyers.


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