“My experience and business relationship with Valuation Management Group has been a pleasant one. The professionalism of managers & reviewers that I have dealt with during my time doing business with VMG has been superb. It encourages me as an appraiser to respond promptly to any requests or revisions and to do my very best because I really enjoy working with a company that I consider to be top notch. The reviewers seem to be very knowledgeable, experienced and approachable. I believe their reputation and ways of conducting business calls for the very best of an appraiser which in return produces quality work from their selected appraisers.”
– Florida Appraiser

“The VMG staff is very professional, available, and responsive whenever information is needed for an appraisal assignment.  In addition, their prompt payment of invoices helps make doing business with them a pleasure.”
– Georgia Appraiser

“Of all of the AMC’s I deal with, Valuation Management Group is by far the most efficient, communicative and professional above the rest. The staff at Valuation is very helpful in reviewing and expediting orders. The fees are customary for our market area and payment is made on a scheduled time frame. I highly recommend them to any appraisal firm or client.”
– New Jersey Appraiser

“VMG, I wanted to contact you to let you know I am very happy with the people you have working there. I am an appraiser here in Knoxville, TN and got set up with you just recently. Well, today, I got three orders from you. I am very excited. I want to commend your staff for all of their help in getting me set up. When I had any question, the response time was so short. I am impressed by the level of service your company has given to me, the appraiser. You guys “get it,” as they say. You understand that the appraisers are the ones who make it possible for your company to succeed, and you appear to be one of the few AMCs that understand that.”
– Tennessee Appraiser

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