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5 Remodeling Projects For Spring

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Now that the weather is beginning to warm up, it’s an opportune time to get going on those spring remodeling projects! Some TLC for your home may be just what it needs for a fresh feel and a step toward retaining its resale value. 1. Garage Door Replacement Your existing garage door may have dents… Read more »

Questions Banks, Credit Unions and Lenders Should Ask Prospective Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs)

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On a daily basis, I find myself having a conversation with someone – sometimes lenders, sometimes appraisers – who wants to share with me their experiences with appraisal management companies. More often than not, they are not good experiences. I usually respond that “AMCs have been painted with a broad brush, and it’s not necessarily… Read more »

Clean Up Your Energy Bill: 5 Energy-Saving Tips

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Many people take the time to spring clean their homes, reorganizing and cleaning for a fresh start for the warmer weather. Why not go ahead and clean up your energy-heavy habits as well? You don’t want to pay for energy you don’t really need. Electricity is a silent robber, jumping at the opportunity to take… Read more »

4 Ways to Make Your Company Extraordinary

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Everyone has a story. Sometimes we forget that piece of information when we’re doing business. We see people for the words and actions that relate to us or our business directly, but that’s only a fraction of their life. As March 1st is Employee Appreciation Day, Valuation Management Group spent the morning enjoying breakfast at… Read more »

U.S. Residents Seek Higher, More Affordable Grounds

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Since the recent recession in the U.S., many Americans have been uprooting to move for employment. The United Van Lines 2012 Migration Study shows the highest movement inbound and outbound, by state. It analyzes 125,000 moves across the continental states. The map shows a collective move away from the Northeast. Reasons for moving vary. The… Read more »

Avoid Mortgage Fraud: Dos and Don’ts When Purchasing a Home

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In a quick search for “mortgage fraud” in Google News, the articles on page one were all published between February 14, 2013 and February 21 2013. That’s 10 different cases reported in one week. Interestingly, only 136 cases were opened by the FBI in fiscal year 2004. Mortgage fraud is a crime in which the intent… Read more »

Outside Factors Can Affect Your Home Appraisal

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The opening line of a recent article, Neighbors’ Effect on Appraisals, appearing in The NY Times Real Estate section says “You may be able to ignore the knee-high grass in your neighbor’s yard, but a home appraiser won’t.” Any factor outside the boundaries of a subject property, whether that factor be noise, pollution, unkempt neighboring… Read more »

Learn To Manage and Minimize Issues In The Appraisal Process

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The appraisal system is under constant scrutiny, with both sides of the equation having strong opinions. We found this broadcast by CNBC asking, “Is the appraisal system broken?”     John Brenan, from The Appraisal Foundation, and Melissa Cohn, from The Manhattan Mortgage Company seem to agree on a few issues. For one, the experience… Read more »

Yes, You Can Make A Difference On Your Real Estate Appraisal.

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Lately, articles are featuring stories about low appraisals. There is often a gap between what the homeowner feels their house is worth, and the value that the appraisal reports. The main issue with this situation is when the appraised value is too low to support the anticipated loan, causing many to fall through. The appraiser… Read more »

Alabama Bankers Association Selects Valuation Management Group as an Endorsed Service Provider

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PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 30, 2013 ATLANTA, GA—Valuation Management Group (VMG), a leading, national appraisal management company, announced today that it has been endorsed by the Alabama Bankers Association (ABA). ABA selected Valuation Management Group as an Endorsed Service Provider. Alabama Banking Services promotes that “the most important objective of this endorsement… Read more »