Environmental Products Series – Part III

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For the third and final part of VMG’s three part blog on environmental assessments, Dana Spotts, our guest expert, will discuss Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA).

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“Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) are sometimes required when a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) is found during the Phase I ESA process. Phase II Assessments consist of collecting soil, groundwater, surface water, and/or building materials in order to screen for chemical and/or metal contamination (including asbestos). This sampling is generally performed by method of drill rig, hydraulic push, hand auger or backhoe, depending on site-specific conditions. This testing is recommended when there is a significant potential for the existence of an environmental liability that can affect the value of a property. Environmental liabilities are costs associated with regulatory-mandated cleanup, disposal of regulated-waste and civil liability. Civil liability occurs when the contamination has migrated offsite or tenants sue over exposure to hazardous materials.

“Once contamination is found to be significant and/or to exceed federal, state or local cleanup or human-health risk standards, a further site characterization is sometimes required, in order to help establish the vertical and lateral extent of a contamination plume. In these situations, agency consultation is required in order to pursue closure from an oversight agency. A “no further action” (NFA) letter is pursued for a site, in order to make the property “sellable.” In some cases, among sophisticated buyers, a liability transfer is negotiated and executed contractually. For regulatory-mandated cleanup and/or monitoring, the client can apply to available cleanup funds in order to recover money spent.” – Dana Spots, Contour Environmental, LLC

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