Fannie Mae Collateral Policy & Technology Guidance For Appraisers

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Fannie Mae Collateral Policy & Technology Guidance For Appraisers

Valuation Management Group co-hosted the Fannie Mae update webinar on February 22, 2017 to a maximum capacity of residential real estate appraisers. Julie Jones and Jeremy Staudenmaier, credit risk analysts for Fannie Mae, presented quality information. They answered many questions that were asked live on the chat by attending appraisers. They achieved the goal for appraisers to gain a better understanding of Fannie Mae’s mission, to dispel common appraisal myths and improve communication with residential real estate appraisers. Julie and Jeremy both did a great job of making the webinar interesting.

Great News! Fannie Mae has agreed to host a second webinar, March 29th, 11 EST. Register early, by clicking here, as we expect maximum capacity once again.

Residential real estate appraisers should not miss this opportunity to learn more about Fannie Mae’s appraisal guidance for appraisers.

Valuation Management Group considers an important part of our appraisal management services to be assisting appraisers to be efficient and effective in their businesses. The appraisers who attended the previous event had very positive feedback. We know appraisers are busy but feel the webinar is a good investment of their time.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact VMG.

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