How Evernote Can Assist Your Appraisal Business

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An elephant never forgets.

Evernote’s elephant image represents the brand well as a remember-all application that has infinite uses and exponential benefits.

Store anything you may need to remember in Evernote. The versatile application works across all platforms: Mac and PC desktops; Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Palm Pre mobile devices; and over the web. It will store any note, photo, or document you need to file away. It syncs to all of your devices and stores everything in the Evernote cloud. Never worry about losing data or leaving it behind.

Take notes on phone calls or voice messages, keep business cards, capture whiteboard ideas from meetings, store important emails, documents, or receipts. Evernote makes all text searchable (even in pictures!), so finding information is as easy as using search. You can also separate notes into notebooks, and tag them with keywords to group notes further.

So how can you make Evernote work for your real estate appraisal business?

Track your expenses

Scan or take pictures of your business receipts and file them away safely! Keep them in a “Receipts” notebook, and create tags such as “gas,” “travel,” or “supplies” to organize your receipts further and to group them easily. When you search for a receipt, Evernote will scan the text within the receipt to find what you’re looking for.

You can even forward your digital receipts straight from your inbox to your personal Evernote upload email, which leads us to the next use.

Clean up your inbox

Tired of your inbox piling up with to-do’s or items you don’t want sitting around, but don’t want to delete? Forward and file important emails to Evernote. If you get an informational email from an agency, special instructions for a client, or important files or links from your AMCs, you can forward them directly to one of your Evernote folders, using your personal Evernote upload email, to revisit later.

Need to find that information about UAD warnings you saw last week? Use the search box, and Evernote will find it for you. No more digging through email folders or printed emails.

Save your research 

In the market for a new camera? Keep everything in one place by keeping information about cameras in separate notes so that you can reference them while you shop around. For example, one note may be titled “Panasonic Lumix,” and tagged “digital camera”. Then you can drag and drop (on a desktop platform) or upload a photo of the camera, and copy and paste all of the specs and the prices you’ve found from different stores. You may have a few cameras you’re comparing labeled “digital camera,” but they will all be easily accessible and filed neatly in Evernote.

You may also want to keep up with current market information for your area. Use the Evernote web clipper, easily installed on Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, to clip the webpage you’re on with your market information. Using the button installed on your browser will automatically select the page or article you are currently viewing, and will allow you to choose a title (although one is normally auto-populated), notebook, and tags. Then, it is filed away for safe-keeping.

Photo: Evernote Web Clipper
Simplify your system

Evernote is an all-encompassing, remember-all application that allows the user to store and retrieve files with a simple, customizable system. If you’re looking for a digital organization system, Evernote will help you to go paperless, and store everything safely and securely. But, we have barely scratched the surface on everything that this application and its supported apps can do. For example, recently, Evernote also added a “Reminders” feature that will set due dates and alarms for your high-priority notes. Check out the promotional video below.


How much will this cost?

Worried that this is something else that will eat into your business’ budget? Don’t worry; Evernote is free for personal use up to 60MB of uploaded data per month! For $5 a month, or $45 a year, you can upgrade to Evernote Premium, which increases your upload size to 1GB per month. Premium also gives you priority support, passcode lock, offline notebooks, and more detailed features of the program.

Evernote Business has also been released, allowing everyone in your company to sign up to store and share everything important to your business. Evernote business is $10 per month, per user, and includes features such as a company-wide business library, business-level support, a Business Admin Console and data ownership, as well as all of the features included with Evernote and Evernote Premium. Whether you’re interested in the paid or free options, this application is definitely worth looking into! For more information on features and how others are using Evernote, visit the Evernote Blog.

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By Lindsey Daber, Marketing Specialist

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