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Important information about the way you upload your appraisal reports!

When submitting Residential Appraisals which are required to be delivered in XML format please do not change file type, File #1 defaults to UAD XML.

All other Residential Appraisals not submitted in XML format (example: PDF) including all Commercial Appraisals, File #1 should be changed by clicking on the drop down and selecting Appraisal/Final Report.

Following the guidelines will help expedite the review process of your appraisals, selecting any other file type when submitting your appraisal will cause delays.

UAD_XML_dropdown e-Trac_Appraisal_Final_Report_dropdown


Important Reminder to Appraisers:

For properties located in a federally-declared disaster area, please add the following certification to the body of your appraisal:

Having personally inspected the property located at (subject address) and surrounding neighborhood on (date), I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the inspection revealed no indications of moderate to significant physical damage to the property or neighborhood as a result of the recent disaster.  No repairs are needed unless they were otherwise indicated in the appraisal report are needed, and there is no adverse effect on the marketability and value of the property.