Put Your Best Foot Forward With LinkedIn

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You may not love social media as much as I do, but let me tell you, utilizing the sites to their maximum capabilities will help you tremendously in your career.

Especially LinkedIn.

As an appraisal, mortgage, loan, or banking professional, your image and credibility will take you a long way. In the career-world, LinkedIn is the site for creating and nurturing business relationships and career activities.

Spicing up your LinkedIn profile or business page and becoming involved in the conversation will build your credibility and increase your business. This is not an overnight achievement, though, so diligence is key.


As easy as it is to find filler text or copy information from another person’s job description, it is more important to personalize your page for your own skills and interests. Sure, you may have a similar job title, but you may not have the same responsibilities as someone else at all.

What is it that YOU do?

List your skills and responsibilities carefully. Make them unique and use your own voice. Your LinkedIn profile should be a reflection of your career as well as include your personality.

I’m not talking about loading up on literary devices or writing a three-page job description, but don’t be too curt either. How people read your profile may persuade or dissuade them from networking with you further; so be honest, and be you.

Linking with people who can endorse your skills and credibility is also a plus.


The purpose of LinkedIn is to build and use your network by utilizing meaningful interaction. Dig into the search engine and find groups you would be interested in hearing from or contributing to.

There are countless groups to choose from. VMG is a part of many industry related groups, as well as a leader of our own group!

Some of the best information comes from what your peers and mentors find interesting or important. Finding smaller groups of people (groups smaller than the entire LinkedIn network) will make it less intimidating to jump into the conversation, and will also concentrate your audience and your outlets.


After you find your LinkedIn niche and you’ve got a few connections and groups going for you, join the discussion! You’ll get a lot more out of the business network if you stay actively involved, rather than only watching from the sidelines. Putting yourself out there may lead to meeting people and joining events you never would have before.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Provoke thoughts. Initiate response. Be informed and become a thought leader. Post and share your most recent finds and questions, or help to answer or respond to others’!

But remember: don’t spam. No one wants to feel like they’re being sold to in their personal network. Sure, put some information out there that people may be interested in looking into or purchasing, but LinkedIn is not a marketplace. If someone wants to be hounded to buy something, they’ll visit their local car dealership.

Keep at it

There is, and will continue to be, a multitude of social media accounts that are “the next big thing,” but it’s safe to say that LinkedIn is a solid foundation for your career network.

Like any solid solution, there is no quick-fix. To get results, or in this case, to grow your profile and network, you have to stay eager and be persistent.

The most important thing is to be professional. It’s not always about what you can find on LinkedIn; but what, or who, can find you.


By Lindsey Daber, Marketing Specialist

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