Quality Appraisal Training: Hindsight is 20-20?

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Four years ago, in 2008, the Appraisal Qualifications Board (“AQB”) adopted a multi-year strategy to increase and upgrade the qualifications to attain an advanced level appraiser’s license (Certified Residential and Certified General). Implementation of the next set of qualification requirements will be here before we know it (January 2015).

In short, the certified licensure will require a 4-year college degree, and the “in lieu of a college degree” will no longer be an option.  OK, it has been far too easy for too long to get an entry level appraiser’s license.  The system has never addressed the most important part of entering the appraisal profession – a quality mentor!  Sure, the rules, regs and/or laws have required the signature of a supervisory appraiser, but, most of the time, that has lead to a trainee paying a supervisor to sign their reports and have not mentored or trained this person they are signing for as supervisor.  Far too many trainees learned through mistakes – if those were reported to a state board.  Or, they eventually left the business because of poor work and clients not giving them additional work.  These folks plodded along, did enough appraisals to log the required number of hours, and took enough courses to advance their license after passing a multiple choice question test.

So, now, they have raised the bar – after 20-something years. Why didn’t we do this back when everyone woke up and created a licensing system for appraisers?  Education and training is KEY to any position or career.  If you want quality performance in any area, you need quality training.  But – all this takes time, money and dedication.  More time on all appraisals these days and limited potential income.  The appraisal industry needs to have new professionals entering the field. How can the appraisal industry come up with a better solution?

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