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Valuation Management Group offers all appraisers the opportunity to receive payments directly to their bank account, eliminating the need to wait on the postal service and a trip to the bank.  Direct deposit is safe, easy, and so convenient.  It eliminates the possibility of lost, stolen, or forged checks.  Every week we hear from appraisers that haven’t received their checks in the mail yet.  Some checks never do show up and others take several days or weeks to arrive!

With direct deposit, payment is ALWAYS in your account on the scheduled payment date.  You will receive an email in advance with the amount and date of the deposit to remind you to check your bank account and record the payment in your accounting records.  We began offering payment by direct deposit a couple of years ago and have many appraisers being paid this way.  Our goal is to pay all appraisers by direct deposit.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for direct deposit today by completing the authorization form located at, click here.

Valuation Management Group is a national, full service appraisal management company that manages the appraisal process for community banks, mortgage bankers and credit unions. We take the process from ordinary to extraordinary.


“I have been working with VMG for over 4yrs and utilize their ACH/Direct Deposit system for the last 3 yrs. I am very pleased with this type of payment because it saves TIME! I don’t have to check the mailbox, open mail, write deposit slip, drive to bank and make deposit when I get a chance and wait for it to clear so I can pay bills. With ACH/Direct Deposit the money is there on the 15th and 30th. No more hassles! If I have a question about a payment, VMG billing dept is on top of it. There is no better way to go.” – Peter Bohdan, Trident Appraisals, Inc.

“Who in their right mind wouldn’t like the money they worked so hard for just dropped into their account like clockwork? More time for me and less time opening mail, checking mail, and waiting on mail. It the only way to go!!  Plus a few days before it’s deposited you tell me what you’re depositing. GREAT!!!” – Jeremy Conlon, The Appraisal Group Residential

“Facing life each and every day has it challenges.  Some of our biggest challenges in life are making changes that will benefit our moderation of time.  I was recently at a local supermarket and upon time to pay, I realized that I had forgotten my debit card at home.  Fortunately, I remembered that I had a check book in my glove compartment in my car.  While writing the check, the clerk made the comment to me that she may see 10 checks a week while at work.  Checks are really becoming a type of method of pay in the past.  I really appreciate VMG taking the time to now pay their vendors by direct deposit.  It really, really helps a person pay their bills, etc. in a more timely manner due to not having to wait for a paper check in the mail.  Again, thanks VMG for taking the extra effort to pay us in a more timely manner!” – Todd Clower, Absolute Appraisal Services

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