Reconsideration Appraisal Appeal

Thank you for partnering with Valuation Management Group for real estate valuation services. Please download the Request for Reconsideration-Appraisal Appeal form here or complete the form below. Once received, our Quality Assurance Specialist will promptly review the form and submit to the appraiser. Valuation Management Group will submit one request to the appraiser for corrections and clarification; we will also review the appraiser’s response to ensure all concerns were addressed.

Additional comparables criteria:

  • Closed sales only.
  • Located in the subject neighborhood and no further distance than comps provided on the report.
  • Comps must have closed prior to inspection date and be as or more recent as comps on the report.
  • Comps must be similar in Gross Living Area and style of the subject property.
  • You should specify why the new comps provided are superior to the comps on the report.

All requests for reconsideration must be in writing and based on errors and/or factual information. Submitting thoughtful, objective appeals with appropriate documentation will increase your chances for reconsideration. An emotional, critical appeal with no supporting documentation or clear expectation will hinder your reconsideration chances.

Tips for requesting the Reconsideration/Appraisal Appeal:


  • Explain factual errors and provide additional information for valuation.
  • Present the information in an objective, straightforward manner.
  • Provide supporting documentation such as additional sales comparables for up to four sales maximum.
  • Make sure all sales were closed within 12 months, preferably more recent than the sales used by the appraiser.
  • Give extensive comments on why sales should be considered by appraiser.
  • Ask direct questions when you need to understand why particular information was used by the appraiser or how he/she calculated adjustments.
  • Make sure that your appeal request is legible and easy to read.


  • Use appeal form to criticize or complain about the appraiser or appraisal.
  • Use emotional language.
  • Indicate what the value should be or how much it should be increased.


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