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Appraiser Independence / Appraisal Management Services

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Valuation Management Group (VMG) was established 10 years ago with the primary goal of offering appraisal management services that would create an environment of true appraiser independence and quality appraisal reports for financial institutions. Our nationwide vetted appraiser panel is monitored for updated license, errors and omissions insurance and infractions through the appraisal subcommittee.  Upon… Read more »

Appraiser Independence

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VMG provides an Appraisal Independence Requirement (AIR) certification to our clients for each appraisal assignment we manage. The AIR certification states (among other things) that there was independence in the assignment of the order to the appraiser and that no inappropriate communication relating to or having an impact on valuation between the client, the appraiser… Read more »

Bringing Clarity to the Appraisal Process

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There continues to be quite a bit of discussion about the topics of appraisal review, appraiser independence and client/underwriting requirements. In all areas of work, there must be goals and standards met to be able to determine completion of a task. When writing a sentence, the goal is to communicate an idea so the reader… Read more »