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Manufactured or Modular …Is There a Difference? – PART II

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As mentioned in our last article, there is a difference in manufactured homes vs. modular homes. There is also a difference in the details of appraising a manufactured or modular home. While we cannot go into all the differences here, we will mention a few items. A manufactured home must be permanently affixed to an… Read more »

Manufactured or Modular …Is There a Difference? – PART I

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Vicky Thompson, President and CEO of Valuation Management Group, grew up in North Carolina and the first home she purchased was a manufactured home. At the time, they were referred to as “trailers” or “mobile homes.” Manufactured home is the most recent label for what were once called “mobile homes” or “trailers.” They are relatively… Read more »

What is the Difference in Manufactured Housing and Modular Housing?

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Valuation Management Group often is asked, “What is the difference between manufactured housing and modular housing or in our review of the appraisal?” Our purpose of this blog is to bring clarity to the identification of manufactured or modular housing. Present day (post 1976) manufactured housing, and oftentimes erroneously referred to as mobile homes, is… Read more »