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Valuation Management Group Capitalization Rates Discussion

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Valuation Management Group stresses the importance of staying educated on the real estate appraisal industry and market trends. Capitalization rates are one of the areas that receive much study and scrutiny within the commercial appraisal world.  Various firms and data services report monthly, quarterly, and annual trend data as it relates to capitalization rates.  Countless… Read more »

Real Estate Appraisal Reviewer Experience and Knowledge

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Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines clearly state that appraisals must be reviewed to ensure they comply with appraisal regulations. The review process should assess the reasonableness of the appraisal including valuation methods, assumptions, data sources users, and that the entire report is well supported. The reviewer should be independent and have the appropriate education and… Read more »

The Importance of a Qualified Review Appraiser

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An appraisal review can be a technical review, desk review, or field review of an appraisal by an experienced, competent, qualified review appraiser. Since an appraisal review is a key quality control element in the credit or risk decision process, the importance of having an experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable appraiser performing reviews cannot be overemphasized…. Read more »