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Here are some helpful tips for working with any Appraisal Management Company. At VMG we try to make your experience as pleasant and smooth as possible. We have someone that answers all calls during operating hours. In addition, we have Client Specialists and Quality Assurance Reviewers dedicated to each client so you always know exactly who you need to speak with.

We have heard some of the frustrations that appraisers and lenders have experienced with other AMC’s and have compiled a short list of some tips for everyone to help avoid delays or confusion.

For Clients:

  • Try to order the appraisal as early in the process as possible to avoid delays
  • For residential orders, provide the purchase agreement at time of placing order
  • For commercial orders, provide as much information as possible when placing the order so the appraisers can bid more accurately; this can also help decrease delays or extensions in delivery date due to unforeseen situations
  • For residential orders, if you know the property is complex or unique, let us know up front to avoid the delay of an appraiser telling us more money is needed or they are not qualified to complete the report
  • If the borrower is paying by credit card, have all information prior to placing order
  • Provide as much contact information as possible for the contact, including email; this can help avoid scheduling delays
  • Information about the appraisal is updated on our website in real time and can be checked any time of day for the most current information
  • Completed appraisals are available online and can be viewed or downloaded anytime, anywhere

For Appraisers:

  • Communication is key; lenders expect frequent updates, therefore we ask appraisers to keep the status updates current
  • For updating orders, appraisers can login to our website to update all statuses
  • A quick phone call or email to notify us of an issue, something that changes the order, or with a question is welcomed
  • If you have any questions, ask as soon as possible to help avoid potential delays
  • Immediately reach out to the scheduling contact to set a date and time for inspection
  • Utilize the appraisal software for spelling and errors
  • Respond quickly to revision requests; the report is not considered complete until VMG delivers it to the client

We hope you find these tips helpful when working with VMG. We appreciate everyone that chooses to do business with us and are always striving to improve.

Valuation Management Group is a national, full service appraisal management company that manages the appraisal process for community banks, mortgage bankers and credit unions. We take the process from ordinary to extraordinary.

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