To Text or Not to Text: Keeping a Personal Touch

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To Text or Not to Text: Keeping a Personal Touch

Valuation Management Group received a recent call from one of our clients expressing concern that their borrower was contacted by the appraiser via a text message and not with a phone call. The client’s concern was that a phone call should have been made first, as a text message was perceived by their client as impersonal and perhaps somewhat unprofessional.

Emails and text messages seem to be the “Go To” for communication in today’s world. While these options are great for speeding up the process of day to day communication, there are still times where a phone call is warranted and preferred.

Appraisers are encouraged to not rely solely on email and text messaging to communicate with borrowers and members. The first point of contact should be a phone call to introduce yourself and provide a great first impression.

Valuation Management Group asked Dawana Manning, Manager of Delta Community Credit Union for her feedback on this topic and she stated,

”Yes, I agree that initial contact through a phone call is more professional and will create a better experience for the borrower.  I think reaching out to the member via an email would be the next most professional method.  Because of the informal nature of texting, I would prefer that it not be an initial contact but could potentially be used as a reminder method once the appointment is set, if it is used at all.  For example, I get a text reminder from my dentist office a couple of days before my appointment.”

Valuation Management Group’s best practice recommendation is that the appraiser should call the borrower and leave a message If no answer, then immediately send a follow up email. If a response is not received, call for a second time and then follow up with a text message.

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