U.S. Residents Seek Higher, More Affordable Grounds

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Since the recent recession in the U.S., many Americans have been uprooting to move for employment.

The United Van Lines 2012 Migration Study shows the highest movement inbound and outbound, by state. It analyzes 125,000 moves across the continental states. The map shows a collective move away from the Northeast.

Reasons for moving vary. The economy has been a major factor in persuading residents to relocate. Loss of jobs and the high cost of living in some places means some people are being hit hard and are pushed to look for more affordable, thriving areas.

For example, Detroit has the highest metropolitan unemployment rate in America at 20%. The city also falls 14th on the list of cities with the highest cost of living. The combination of these two statistics makes Detroit a less than favorable choice, considering the current economy.

Below are the top 5 states residents are leaving.

1. New Jersey

Outbound: 62.3%

2. Illinois

Outbound: 59.5%

3. West Virginia

Outbound: 57.9%

4. New York

Outbound: 57.7%

5. New Mexico

Outbound: 57.6%

*Percentages of moves in 2012

Economist Michael Stoll, professor and chair of the Department of Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles, told Yahoo! Finance that the Northeast and Midwest have a higher percentage of residents over the age of 65, who choose to retire to warmer and less-expensive states, making southern and western states more popular to move to.

The states with the highest inbound rates are as follows:

1. District of Columbia

Inbound: 64%

2. Oregon

Inbound: 61%

3. Nevada

Inbound: 58%

4. North Carolina

Inbound: 56%

5. South Carolina

Inbound: 55%

*Percentages of moves in 2012

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