Valuation Management Group Ensures Quality Reviews and Great Service – Appraisal Management Services

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Valuation Management Group Ensures Quality Reviews and Great Service – Appraisal Management Services

Valuation Management Group (VMG) understands the importance in our clients and appraisers being able to communicate with our staff.  Any client or appraiser who works with us has the direct phone number and email address for the Quality Assurance Reviewer and the Client specialist. During business hours, VMG never utilizes an auto attendant phone system, as it is important that our staff be easily contacted.

VMG Client Specialists (CS), make sure the appraisal orders are assigned, accepted and delivered to VMG in a timely manner. Their primary role is to ensure great communication between VMG, the client and the appraiser. The CS handles everything that happens on an appraisal from when the order is placed until it is in review.

Heather Hicks, a Senior Client Specialist, has been with VMG for 10 years. When asked what is important to her for meeting the client’s expectations, she responded, “Accuracy and responsiveness, above all else. These qualities are crucial to developing and maintaining client relationships and exceeding our client’s expectations. Assuring accuracy is especially important as it pertains to the engagement of commercial orders. The appraisal assignment has to be right from the beginning to ensure compliance, quality, reliable pricing and reasonable turn times. In regards to responsiveness, being available to your clients and responding to their needs quickly shows that you care and are never too busy for them.”

The Quality Assurance Reviewers (QAR) are licensed/certified real estate appraisers. Our QAR’s handle the technical review, revisions from the appraisers and any questions. Valuation Management Group QAR’s have been appraising on average for 20+ years. The review team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the appraisal reviews for our clients.

Jim Anderson, Lead Quality Assurance Reviewer, has been with VMG for 6 years. He states, “My goal is to develop a relationship with the clients by establishing a high level of trust and confidence in my commitment to client satisfaction.” Jim also commented that it is important for the appraisers to have a clear and concise understanding of the client’s appraisal request and he works to facilitate that communication.

Recently, a new financial institution client shared with us that, “Everything has been absolutely wonderful. Your constant communication is incredible and exactly what we were looking for.”

VMG’s biggest asset is its employees. Thanks to all the Rock Stars who make up the VMG team.

Valuation Management Group is a national, full service appraisal management service company that manages the appraisal process for financial institutions, banks, mortgage bankers, and credit unions. We offer the full array of commercial and residential appraisal products and services. We take the appraisal process from ordinary to extraordinary.

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