Wounded Warrior Games

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Wounded Warrior Games

Valuation Management Group would like to share with you the honor received by the husband of one of our employees in July. Emily Dennis is a Quality Assurance Specialist with Valuation Management Group and her husband is Sgt. Richard Lane Dennis. He retired from the U.S Marine Corp on April 29, 2015, after 13 years of service to our country. Lane is 100% disabled due to a number of events that occurred during his years of service. Lane was the only Georgia wounded Marine to participate in the Wounded Warrior event held in July 2015.

The Department of Defense managed the Wounded Warrior Games. The Marine Corp hosted the event in Quantico, Virginia. Only 50 men and women from each branch of service were selected to participate in the games. The Army was the overall victor of the games, but Emily states: “It was an experience that changed many lives. Families came together to share experiences they had survived. Warriors talked to others that understand the hardships they face. It was a time of sharing, so everyone won.”

Lane shared that during recovery and rehabilitations, the Wounded Warrior Battalion participates in adaptive sports. The process helps the wounded Marines understand how they can stay fit and adapt in their new changed lives. The Warrior Games help the Marines understand their new mission, which is to be a functional member of society and to enjoy the freedoms for which they fought and risked their lives.

Our appreciation goes out to all the men and women who serve our country. Thanks to Emily and Lane for sharing their Wounded Warrior experience.

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